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Complete, Partial, & Custom Dentures
Seattle, WA

Rendering of removable partial dentureCustom-fit dentures can be made to either replace a whole row of teeth - known as complete dentures - or only to replace some of the teeth - known as partial dentures. Unlike dental bridges, dentures can replace missing teeth that are in several different places in a dental arch, and dentures are a good alternative for those who do not want surgery for dental implants. Summit Dental Care, in dowtown Seattle, offers dentures to those looking to replace several teeth in their oral cavity with a snugly-fitting oral appliance.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

Dentures have two components: the synthetic teeth which are made from porcelain, and the plastic plate that hold the teeth in place. The plate is pink to imitate the gums, and the plate slots comfortably onto the roof of the patient’s mouth. While there are complete and partial dentures, both of these can either be made as immediate or conventional dentures. Our dentists usually take the measurements for the patient’s dentures after the tooth removal in order to make the dentures more accurate. However, immediate dentures are placed immediately after the patient's tooth removal, which means the measurements are taken prior to the tooth removal appointment.

This means a patient does not need to wear a temporary pair of dentures until their proper dentures are made, and they can immediately start getting used to their new set of teeth. Conventional dentures are ready about 2 weeks after the tooth removal, and will, at first, fit better than immediate dentures. This is because the gums will have healed from the tooth removal surgery, as opposed to immediate dentures, in which the gums are changing shape underneath.

Why Should I Get Dentures?

The application of dentures is a non-invasive restorative procedure, as no additional surgery is involved after the tooth removal. Implants have to be placed in parts, which means several surgery dates with months in between. While dental implants have their own benefits, they do not suit everyone, so some patients opt for dentures. Our custom-fit dentures fit snugly in the mouth and do not slip. They can be adjusted and tightened after they have been made to ensure their constant fit.

Dentures last 5 to 7 years, and are easily replaced. Dentures are convenient, and they can be taken out at the leisure of the user. They restore strength to the oral cavity that was lost via the damaged teeth and take pressure off the remaining natural teeth, meaning that the remaining natural teeth will wear down less quickly. The porcelain that makes up the synthetic teeth can be matched to the color of the remaining natural teeth. This means the dentures will fit seamlessly into the dental arch. Furthermore, porcelain has a natural gleam, much like normal teeth, and so is the most natural looking tooth replacement.

Summit Dental Care offers dentures to patients looking for an effective but non-invasive solution to restoring lost teeth. Our team can guarantee non-slipping, naturally feeling dentures. To book your fitting appointment for dentures in Seattle, or to discuss restorative procedures with NamThien Vu, DDS, contact our office at 206-292-9980.

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