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How to Treat a Topical Cavity

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Nam Thien Vu, DDS
How to Treat a Topical CavityCavities are caused by various factors, which usually start small but gradually become more pronounced if something is not done. Since holes barely cause any pain initially, most people do not realize that they have a problem until it is too late. It is advisable to schedule regular appointments with a dental professional to detect tooth decay early before it becomes a significant problem. Cavities can affect anyone from a young child to an older individual, and that's why maintaining a good oral hygiene routine goes a long way in keeping holes at bay.

Common Causes of Cavities

Bacteria is one of the most common reasons for developing cavities, especially after eating and drinking foods with sugar. Since the mouth already contains bacteria, it converts the sugar into acid, which allows plaque buildup. The acid contained in the plaque erodes the enamel, which leaves the inner parts of your teeth unprotected, increasing the risk of decay.

If you don't have a proper oral hygiene routine, you are creating room for plaque to build up and deteriorate the structural integrity of your teeth. Most dentists can help you develop a hygiene routine that ensures your teeth are clean and get sufficient fluoride. Several disorders, such as acid reflux disease and anorexia, leave your teeth susceptible to corrosion by acid.

Treatment of a Topical Cavity

Most experts will recommend a specific treatment based on the severity of the cavity. Tooth fillings protect the tooth after the decayed material is drilled away and replace it with a potent substance such as composite resin or silver, among others.

Custom caps, also known as crowns, are placed over the affected tooth, replacing the eroded natural dome with more severe decay. A far gone tooth prompts for a root canal to save the tooth before filling it and even placing a crown. The only way to protect your teeth from cavities is by regularly visiting a dental expert and maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine.

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